Marc Taiani

Attorney at Law

My name is Marc Taiani, and I have been defending the criminally accused since 2001. Before that, I worked in the United States Senate, where I learned to think on my feet, make quick decisions, and argue effectively. Today, I use that experience to fight for my clients regardless of what crime they’ve been accused of.

Whether your case involves a minor misdemeanor or serious felony, know that I’m prepared to defend your rights in and out of the courtroom.

How to Choose Your Defense Attorney

Great criminal defense combines experience, creativity, and drive.

A good criminal defense attorney recognizes the fact that even a minor misdemeanor could impact your life for years to come. A great attorney uses that fact to drive your defense. When you entrust me with your case, I use every tool at my disposal to protect your rights and defend your freedom. As an added bonus, I begin our professional relationship with a free consultation.

Why Choose Allegheny Attorneys at Law?

Successful Results Since 2001

The absolute, #1 most important thing you want to know about your criminal defense lawyer is simply this: Can he (or she) win my case? While there are no guarantees in law, I can tell you that throughout my career, I have represented thousands of individuals and achieved life-changing results on their behalf.

Affordable Criminal Defense

The second question you’re likely to ask yourself when choosing your attorney is whether you can afford their services. I understand this concern all too well, which is why I offer my clients free initial consultations, flat-rate fees, and (in many cases) payment plans. The way I see it, your main concern should be resolving your case — not struggling to pay your lawyer.

An Accessible Attorney

Most people don’t consider a lawyer’s accessibility when deciding whether to hire them, but when your criminal record is on the line, trust me — you want to be able to get in touch with your lawyer when you need them. I make myself available to clients 24/7 so that, day or night, you know you can reach me whenever you have a question or concern.

Put a Fierce Criminal Defender on Your Side

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Criminal Charges I Defend

Sex Crimes

Many of the clients I defend were falsely accused of rape, sexual assault, child pornography, or another sex crime. Turn to me for a fierce, unbiased defense against these serious charges.

Domestic Violence

Pennsylvania law defines domestic abuse as deliberate harm between people who are related, intimate, or living together. I defend against these charges whether sexual or violent in nature.


Pennsylvania splits assault charges into two categories: simple assault and aggravated assault. Both charges carry serious penalties, which is why I provide equally serious defense.


Whether it’s your first, second, or subsequent DUI charge, I am fully prepared to handle your case. I also have experience representing those charged with DUI while driving with a suspended license.

Drug-Related Offenses

If you’ve been charged simple possession, possession with intent to deliver, manufacture of a controlled substance, cultivation of drugs, or another drug-related charge, allow me to defend your rights.

Other Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with any other offenses in the Pittsburgh area, don’t hesitate to contact my firm. I defend all types of criminal accusations from burglary to gun offenses to homicide.

Trusted Criminal Defense Throughout Western Pennsylvania

Whether your case involves a minor misdemeanor or capital felony, you can’t afford to wait. Contact Allegheny Attorneys at Law today so I can begin working on your defense. My law office is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but I am available to clients throughout O’Hara Township, Fox Chapel, Indiana Township, Shaler Township, Ross Township, Reserve Township, Hampton Township, Penn Hills, Monroeville, communities along the Allegheny River, Sharpsburg, Etna, and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.