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3 Signs Your Lawyer is Not Prepared to Handle Your Case

Allegheny Attorneys at Law, P.C. Oct. 19, 2017

If you’re facing a court case, it can be a devastating, stressful time for all involved. However, don’t let your grief cloud your vision and cause you to miss the signs you should be on the lookout for when choosing a lawyer. Here are three signs your lawyer is NOT prepared to handle your case:

  1. No communication between lawyer and client.

Communication breakdowns have no place in the attorney-client relationship. When searching for a lawyer to handle your divorce case, ask what the communication protocol is. Will the lawyer provide you with several ways to get in touch with him or her? In today’s digital world, there should be a variety of communication methods for your lawyer to keep in touch with you, from emails to phone calls. How long does it take for your lawyer to return your calls? If you find that it takes a couple of days or more, move on. With today’s technology, an attorney should be able to respond to your message in a timely manner. You want to feel as though you’re a priority.

  1. Busy doesn’t mean skilled.

Just because your attorney is busy with many cases doesn’t mean he or she is particularly skilled in your area of law. If you find that your attorney uses general terms instead of specific ones that apply to your family’s situation, clarify what experience the attorney has, what their track record is and what they plan to do for you. A good attorney is one who takes the time to listen to your needs, gets to know your family, understands the challenges you’re facing and works hard to get results tailored to your specific case.

  1. The fees are too cheap or too inflated.

Cheap rates for a lawyer may seem great on the surface but that price could be reflective of the quality of service. Your lawyer may attract clients with low fees to get them in the door but then doesn’t follow through on promises. That’s why research and word-of-mouth recommendations are so crucial. Make sure your attorney can handle your case within the stated fees, which includes providing documents on time, returning calls and meeting court deadlines. Make sure the engagement letter is clear and that you understand every portion of it. If the attorney has a track record of repeatedly asking for extensions with the judge, is chronically disorganized and always has an excuse why paperwork wasn’t filed or filled out, look elsewhere.

Finding qualified attorneys in Pittsburgh, Pa isn’t always easy, but with the right research and dedication, you’re sure to find one that will work alongside you in this difficult time. For an experienced, confident and skilled legal team you can trust, reach out to the lawyers at Allegheny Attorneys At Law. At AAAL, we offer free initial 30-minute consultations, helping you make the most informed decision on any legal proceedings before fully committing. Make sure your rights are protected with an experienced lawyer on your side. Contact Allegheny Attorneys at Law today!