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A partition action is essentially a legal solution for co-owners who can't agree on what to do with their property. This could involve either physically dividing the property among the owners or selling it and distributing the proceeds.  

These issues can arise in various situations such as inherited property, joint purchases, or disputes between business partners.  

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Different Types of Partition Actions

As a seasoned real estate attorney based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I've had extensive experience dealing with partition actions. This legal action comes into play when co-owners of a property can't agree on how to divide it.

There are several types of partition actions, so that parties can proceed according to their unique situation and objectives:

Physical Division 

Also known as a partition in kind, a physical division involves dividing the property into separate parts, with each co-owner receiving a portion of the property.  

This type of partition action is often applicable to larger tracts of land where new parcels may be different in size but equal in value. It's like cutting a cake into pieces - each piece may not be the same size, but they all have the same value. 


In some cases, a physical division of the property may result in one co-owner getting a more valuable piece than the others. When this happens, the court may require this owner to compensate the other co-owners for the difference in value.  

This compensation is called "owelty." It's a way to ensure fairness in the partition process. 

Partition by Sale 

If the property can't be effectively divided or if a partition in kind isn't feasible, the court may order a partition by sale. This involves selling the property and dividing the proceeds among the co-owners according to their ownership interests.  

The sale can be private, where only the current owners can bid, or public, where any interested party may attend and bid. 

Partition by Appraisal

This type is an alternative method used when co-owners agree to value the property through an appraisal process but not to its sale.  

In this approach, an independent appraiser is employed to determine the property's fair market value. Once the valuation is complete, one or more co-owners may buy out the others based on the appraised value. This solution is often favored when one party wishes to retain the property, and the other(s) prefer to liquidate their stake. 

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Understanding the Partition Process

To understand the partition process in Pennsylvania, it's essential to grasp each step of the procedure. Details of the process may vary based on the specific circumstances, but here's a general outline: 

  1. Filing a Complaint: The first step involves one or more co-owners filing a partition action in the appropriate county court where the property is located. The complaint must outline the reasons for the partition and list all property owners as defendants. 

  1. Serving the Defendants: Once the complaint is filed, all defendants must be served with legal notice, giving them an opportunity to respond or object to the partition. 

  1. Court Hearing: If there are no objections, or once they are resolved, the court schedules a hearing to consider the case. The court will examine the facts to determine whether a partition is necessary and feasible. 

  1. Valuation of Property: If the court decides to proceed, it will order a valuation of the property. This may involve appointing appraisers or other experts to accurately determine the property's value. 

  1. Physical Division or Sale: Depending on the property type and the court's decision, the property may be physically divided among the co-owners. If division is not practical (for example, in the case of a single-family home), the court will order the property to be sold and the proceeds distributed. 

  1. Distribution of Proceeds: After the sale of the property, the proceeds are divided among the owners according to their respective shares in the property, which may take into account any owner's contributions to the property's purchase price or improvements. 

Each of these steps requires focused attention to legal details and deadlines, making expert legal guidance essential throughout the partition action process. 

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Partition Action Attorney in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 

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