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Dispelling DUI Myths

Allegheny Attorneys at Law, P.C. April 8, 2021

Statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation indicate that 49,730 arrests were made for drunk driving-related offenses across the state in 2018. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it is a serious offense to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, there are a lot of false assumptions and myths surrounding DUI cases here in Pennsylvania. An offender can face severe consequences or end up in a worst-case scenario without detailed guidance or experienced representation.

At Marc V. Taiani, Esquire and Allegheny Attorneys at Law, P.C, I'm committed to providing comprehensive legal guidance and reliable representation to individuals facing drunk driving allegations. As a skilled Pennsylvania DUI defense attorney, I can review and investigate the circumstances of your case and craft an effective defense strategy that will help maximize your chances of obtaining the best possible outcome for your situation. My firm is proud to serve clients throughout Pittsburgh, Shaler Township, Ross Township, and Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania.

DUI Charges in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania's DUI laws prohibit driving in a public place with a blood alcohol concentration level of .08% or more. Likewise, it is an offense to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance, drugs, or alcohol. A person convicted of a drunk driving charge may be facing substantial fines, possible jail time, probation, license suspension or revocation, and other life-changing consequences.

Common Myths & Facts About DUI

There are lots of popular notions surrounding drunk driving charges. Due to wrong interpretations, a lot of individuals are uninformed about the facts. Unfortunately, this usually results in the worst-case scenario for the defendant. Your drunk driving situation can become more manageable if you know what to expect and you can differentiate facts from fiction. Here are some common myths about DUIs in Pennsylvania and why they are false:

Misconception #1: A DUI Charge Isn't Worth Fighting

Fighting your Pennsylvania DUI charge is worth it. A first drunk driving conviction in the state may result in 6 months of probation, $300 in fines, and other social ramifications. The serious nature of the consequences of a DUI conviction definitely makes fighting your drunk driving charge worth it.

Misconception #2: You Must Submit to a Field Sobriety Test

A police officer can pull you over based on an impaired driving suspicion and ask you to submit to a field sobriety test. As a Pennsylvania driver, you are NOT required to complete any field sobriety test, and there is NO punishment for refusal.

Misconception #3: The Charge is So Common it Isn't That Serious

On the contrary, a DUI charge is serious and may result in severe penalties if you are convicted. In addition to massive fines, jail time, and license suspensions, there are other devastating, long-lasting ramifications of a DUI conviction. These include permanent driver's license revocation, future employment difficulties, high auto insurance premiums, or difficulties in securing education, professional opportunities, housing, and public benefits.

Misconception #4: When Arrested for a DUI, I Don't Have to Submit to a Urine/Blood Test

Under Pennsylvania law, a driver is within his or her rights to refuse the breath, urine, or blood test. While this may not be a criminal offense, there are civil penalties attached to a test refusal. Possible penalties include an automatic 12-month license suspension for a first refusal and a license restoration fee ranging from $500 to $2,000.

Misconception #5: A DUI Will Fall Off of My Record in Seven Years

In Pennsylvania, a DUI conviction won't go away after seven years. Unless it is expunged or given limited access relief, the DUI conviction will remain on your record for life. Since it is a matter of public record, the conviction will appear on your criminal background checks, insurance history, credit records, and driver's license history.

Work with an Experienced DUI Defense Attorney

Fighting your drunk driving charges is always advisable to avoid serious punishment and other social consequences. Trying to defend your DUI allegations without proper guidance or experienced representation could easily expose you to severe penalties. It is important that you retain an experienced Pennsylvania DUI defense attorney to protect your rights and outline your defense strategy when facing a DUI charge.

At Marc V. Taiani, Esquire and Allegheny Attorneys at Law, P.C, I have the required experience and resources to help you fight your DUI charges. As your legal counsel, I can evaluate every last detail of your case, determine your best defense, and help you refute the allegations. Using my extensive knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the law, I will help you navigate the Pennsylvania criminal justice system and ensure that you are treated fairly. Having me on your side can improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

Don't face your DUI charges alone. Contact my firm — Marc V. Taiani, Esquire and Allegheny Attorneys at Law, P.C — today to schedule a one-on-one consultation. I can fight aggressively to protect your rights and offer you the strong representation you need in every phase of the legal process. My firm proudly serves clients across Pittsburgh, Shaler Township, Ross Township, and Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania.