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Falsely Accused of Molestation. What Do I Do?

Allegheny Attorneys at Law, P.C. April 22, 2020

Molestation accusations are serious and could cause devastating damage to your reputation, personal life, and professional career. If you have been falsely accused or are under investigation for molestation, you should reach out to a knowledgeable sex crimes attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, immediately. You can contact me directly at Allegheny Attorneys at Law to get the aggressive legal representation you need.

Allegheny Attorneys at Law is proud to represent clients that are falsely accused of molestation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and neighboring communities, including Shaler Township, Ross Township, Fox Chapel, O’Hara Township, Penn Hills, Oakmont Borough, Indiana Township, and Aspinwall.

What is Child Molestation?

According to Pennsylvania law, child molestation can include a range of indecent or sexual activities between an adult and a child (someone below the age of 18). Molestation can be further defined as when an adult engages in any act that results in the sexual exploitation or sexual abuse of an individual under the age of 18 or when an adult looks at a child’s intimate or sexual parts for sexual gratification purposes.

What’s more, molestation can also include persuading a child to engage in sexually explicit conduct, simulated sexual activity, indecent exposure, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and so forth. In reality, many alleged molestation cases are false accusations. As a skilled criminal defense attorney, I know there’s always more to the story than what is on the police report. I want to hear your side of the story and defend your rights and reputation.

Common Reasons for False Accusations

Every day, people are falsely accused of molestation. Some reasons for false accusations include:

Child Custody Battles: One parent can convince the child to go along with an accusation, giving that parent an advantage in the custody battle.

Revenge or a Personal Grudge: Some individuals are facing false accusations due to a vendetta against them. The accuser may want to punish the person and get even.

Regret: A 17-year-old can accuse an older boy of some kind of sexual exploitation. This often happens in response to regret or teasing from others.

Mental Illness: The child may be mentally ill enough to falsely remember what happened or seek some unhinged satisfaction through filing a false allegation.

Eviction: This often happens in domestic violence cases. Once the accuser lodges a complaint, the protection orders will be put in place, causing the defendant to be evicted or barred from entering the house.

Shame: Teen girls that got caught for engaging in indecent activities can decide to blame another person as an excuse.

If you have been falsely accused of molestation, call my law firm, Allegheny Attorneys at Law today. Hiring an aggressive Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney could be the difference between clearing your name of false charges and facing severe consequences.

How to Defend Against a Criminal Molestation Charge

According to the Under 18 Pennsylvania Criminal Statutes, Section 6312, (18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 6312), sexual abuse of children is either a misdemeanor or felony. The criminal penalties associated with child molestation or child abuse conviction are extremely severe.

If convicted, you could be facing up to 20 years of jail time, fines of up to $25,000, or both. This also includes being mandated to register as a sex offender. The long-term consequences can affect your quality of life, career, education, liberty, and reputation. Also, the prosecutor may try to distract the jury with an emotional appeal. This is why you need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights.

As an aggressive criminal defense attorney, I will listen to your story, review every detail of your case, and determine the best defense strategy. I will focus on the facts and demonstrate them effectively to the jury. Also, I can devise a feasible plan to prove your innocence and seek to have the charges against you dropped. With me on your side, we will work together to pursue a favorable outcome.

Pittsburgh Molestation Defense Attorney

Facing molestation allegations can be scary, but you don’t have to face them alone. Since 2001, I have been defending individuals accused of molestation and other sex crimes. By using my extensive experience, I can protect your rights and build a strong defense on your behalf. Call my law firm today for a free case evaluation. I proudly serve clients in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and neighboring areas, including Shaler Township, Ross Township, Fox Chapel, O’Hara Township, and more.