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Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Allegheny Attorneys at Law, P.C. Oct. 20, 2017

Have you been arrested and charged for committing a criminal offense? You need to find a good attorney who handle your case professionally. The reason is that hiring the right criminal attorneys in Pittsburgh PA could mean the difference between getting an acquittal and being charged for a crime. If you’re not sure of how to go about choosing a criminal defense attorney, here a few things that will help you to find and hire the right person.

Hire a Criminal Defense Expert

While there are several attorneys practicing law in Pittsburgh, only certified criminal attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA will be of real help to you. A family lawyer or a DUI attorney may not be of much help when handling your case since the dynamics are different. Only a criminal defense lawyer will provide you the necessary guidance and the best legal representation. Above and beyond that, a criminal defense expert will break down the facts of your case and explain what you can expect during trial.

Find an Experienced Attorney

Experience has no alternative in a criminal defense case. Before you choose a criminal lawyer Pittsburgh to work with, ensure that you find out the level of experience and understanding a prospective attorney has in the area of criminal law. An attorney’s experience is pivotal in securing your interests and getting an acquittal. No matter what you’re charged with, always ensure that your attorney of choice has experience handling cases that are similar to yours.

Know the Attorney Handling Your Case

If you choose to work with a law firm, it’s prudent that you know who will take up your case. At any given time, law firms across Pittsburgh have several attorneys working on different types of cases. Make sure that you know and meet the attorney who will handle your case or matter. If it’s a team of attorneys working on the matter, ask to be introduced to the entire team so that you know who you will be dealing with in your case. The reasons for this is that should new information about your case arise or you need some legal assistance, you should be able to contact your criminal attorneys in Pittsburgh PA quickly.

Work with an Attorney Who Is Insured

Criminal defense is one area that is fraught with challenges and pitfalls. So, don’t just hire the first attorney whose contacts show up on Google or Bing or Yellow Pages. Find out whether a prospective criminal lawyer Pittsburgh is insured for legal malpractice. Don’t shy away from asking probing questions. That’s the only way of protecting yourself as the insurance cover would beneficial for both parties; yourself and the attorney.

Get References from Trustworthy Individuals

Asking for references is a good way of finding and hiring a reputable criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh PA. Chances are your family, friend, or colleagues have procured the services of a criminal defense attorney and might be able to recommend someone they know and trust. If you

Obtain Quotes from Different Attorneys.

Cost of legal representation is another decisive factor when hiring criminal attorneys. Don’t be tempted to hire a criminal lawyer Pittsburgh who charges unrealistically low fees. Who knows? That could just be bait to get you to sign a contract for shoddy or poor representation. Obtain and compare quotes from different criminal defense lawyers in Pittsburgh PA until you find one whose quote lies within the range of your budget.

Work with a team of attorneys that has the experience, expertise and confidence required to protect your rights by getting in touch with Allegheny Attorneys at Law. Our team of criminal defense lawyers make your case a priority, working diligently to protect your rights every step of the way as they fight for your innocence. Don’t let your case become mishandled or mismanaged, work with a team of lawyers you can count on and contact Allegheny Attorneys at Law today.