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Should you Fight a DUI Charge?

Allegheny Attorneys at Law, P.C. Oct. 19, 2017

Pennsylvania revamped the DUI laws in 2004, which has resulted in confusion for many, leaving most with the question “Should I fight a DUI?” With changes to the DUI laws, a Blood Alcohol Content (or BAC) of .08 or greater can result in an arrest for DUI. While the penalties for first-time offenders have been lowered, the penalties for a second-time offender have been significantly increased. If you are dealing with a second or third offense for a DUI, you need to consult with a DUI lawyer in Pittsburgh. A lawyer is vital to your interests as they know the law and can work to protect you from serious charges.

Pennsylvania DUI Law Changes

There are different tiers of DUI offenses which are based on your BAC level. Based on the tier you find yourself in, you could end up with minimal charges that may be easy to fight, or serious charges that can land you in prison. The following are the classifications of the DUI law tiers:

  • General impairment

  • High rate

  • Highest rate

Should You Plead Guilty?

First-time offenders often plead guilty in DUI cases if there is a certainty of conviction. However, anyone facing DUI charges should consult with a lawyer who will review your case and advise you as to the best course of action for your particular and unique situation. If you have a BAC above .16, you face a much stiffer punishment. Witnesses at the scene of your arrest can be devastating to this kind of case. Having a skilled and experienced attorney on your side is vital, as they can work to keep you from facing imprisonment based on eyewitness reports and sobriety tests.

Plea Bargaining

The Pennsylvania DUI law is complex. Those without experience can end up agreeing to the first plea bargain offer which may involve expensive penalties or even time behind bars. An attorney with strong DUI experience is comfortable negotiating on your behalf to make sure that you receive the best possible outcome.

Reduce Your Fines

DUI offenders often face high fines. A skilled DUI attorney will work to get you the fairest possible fine. If the courts are focused on sending you to prison, a lawyer will advocate on your behalf for a treatment program. The Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program is commonly used in Pennsylvania to reduce both the direct and collateral consequences of a DUI.

Helping With Background Checks

Younger DUI offenders often must deal with long-term consequences. Most employers conduct background checks, and a good DUI lawyer in Pittsburgh can assist with limiting the damage to your record, as well as reduce concerns over obtaining employment. With an experienced DUI lawyer on your side, you may be able to reduce the charges against you and look forward to a successful and bright future.

Being charged doesn’t mean that you are always guilty. Make sure your rights are protected by contacting the skilled lawyers at Allegheny Attorneys At Law, who will help you figure out your options. Our experienced team works with you so that you understand your case and receive the best possible outcome, whether that means negotiating a plea deal or taking the case to trial. Whether you’re a first-time or a third-time offender, Allegheny Attorneys At Law will assist you in navigating the DUI laws.