Domestic Violence Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Millions of Americans are affected by domestic violence each year, many of them in the Pittsburgh area. Not all of these cases are as simple as they seem. If you have been charged with domestic violence, you need a proven domestic violence defense attorney who will not back down when it comes to seeing that you receive every protection available to you under the law. You can count on me to always make sure you get a fair shake. Your life and reputation are important to you, and standing up for the rights of people in the Pittsburgh area is important to me.

Facts about Domestic Violence Charges in Pennsylvania

Life is full of difficult and unexpected obstacles, and these stressful times sometimes lead to conflicts, even with people you are close to. Under Pennsylvania law, it is not required that any physical injury has taken place in order to file domestic violence charges. If the alleged victim claims they were caused to feel reasonable fear of imminent severe bodily injury, they can press domestic violence charges against you.

When you find yourself in a situation where a personal conflict results in you facing domestic violence charges, you may be afraid of the impact this will have on your life, personally and professionally. There are different factors to keep in mind regarding your domestic violence case:

  • An accusation does not equal guilt
  • Domestic violence charges against you don’t have to wreck your life
  • You are entitled to a fair defense

No matter what situation led to the charges against you, your rights must still be protected. If you have been accused of domestic violence, you need a domestic violence defense attorney who will fight hard to tell your side of the story.

Charged with Domestic Violence?

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Your Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Though facing domestic violence charges can be scary, you do have options available to you when it comes to putting together an effective defense. No two cases are exactly alike, and I will work with you to come up with a defense strategy that is best for you. The options you have for defense against a domestic violence charge include:

  • Proving no violent act took place
  • Showing your actions were taken in self-defense
  • Demonstrating lack of intent to cause any harm
  • Proving you were provoked

Domestic violence charges are rarely dismissed in Pittsburgh, even if the alleged victim wishes to withdraw their accusations. This means your most important course of action when facing these charges is to contact a domestic violence defense attorney.

What Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Do for Me?

Domestic violence charges carry serious penalties and have the potential to not only damage your family, but also have long-lasting effects on your life moving forward. Your parental rights, professional future, and even your freedom can be at stake. It’s important for you to put yourself in the best position to protect your reputation and your future. Having a skilled domestic violence attorney fighting on your side is vital to your case.

It’s you against the system, and I make it my priority to help you receive fair treatment. I pride myself on serving the legal defense needs of people in the Pittsburgh area, and I will not back down when it comes to defending your rights.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney for Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can have far-reaching effects, both personally and professionally. Don’t sit back and let your life be destroyed. As an experienced domestic violence attorney, I have the knowledge and the skills needed to provide you with a fair defense. I will stand up and fight for you and help you get your life back. Call my today to schedule a free consultation.