Homicide Attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Criminal Homicide” is defined as intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or negligently causing the death of another human being.  Homicide charges in Pennsylvania are divided into various categories including: Murder of various degrees, Voluntary and Involuntary Manslaughter, Homicide by Vehicle, Homicide by Drug Delivery and Crimes against an Unborn Child.  These charges are among the most serious criminal charges and carry the harshest penalties, including imprisonment up to and including life without parole as well as the death penalty.

In most instances in which a crime is committed and a death results, a homicide charge will be brought.  When that happens, several issues will dictate the nature and severity of the charge.  Was there a specific intent to kill?  Did the defendant act with malice?  Was there a serious provocation that led to the alleged killing?  What is the evidence to be offered – deadly weapons, narcotics, DNA, etc.?  These issues along with many others will determine what sentence one will face if convicted.

Careful scrutiny of the facts and evidence is particularly crucial, and choosing the right attorney may win or lose a case of this magnitude.  If you are facing homicide charges, contact AAAL to arrange a consultation for jail visit for your case.