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If you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce, and you have children, the central issue in your settlement will be child custody and child support. These are complex and emotional issues that often lead to conflict and legal challenges on both sides. For this reason, you should seek legal representation from a child support lawyer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

At Allegheny Attorneys at Law, my law firm is dedicated to helping clients who are dealing with difficult child support issues. I provide legal consultation, strategy, and full representation throughout the entire legal process. I will fight for your rights and help you negotiate your divorce settlement.

What Are the Pennsylvania Guidelines for Child Support?

Pennsylvania establishes child support guidelines and regulations as a way to create consistency in court cases and to ensure that both parties are treated fairly. As such, child support amounts may be determined by factors such as: 

  • Each party’s income
  • Number of dependents in the home
  • The needs of the children
  • The parent’s ability to support the children financially
  • The standard in the household prior to divorce

Since each case is unique, it is difficult to create a standard that works in all situations. Furthermore, the courts don’t always know the whole story. Consequently, judgments may be rendered on partial or false information.

As your child support lawyer, my goal is to investigate and establish the facts so that you have leverage when presenting your case. I can also help navigate the legal system so that you have a better understanding of Pennsylvania guidelines.

Pursue a Fair Support Arrangement


Can You Modify an Existing Child Support Arrangement?

Pennsylvania courts understand that your circumstances can change. For instance, you may be able to file a petition for a modification for the following reasons:

  • A parent relocates out of town or out of state.
  • A non-custodial parent moves closer to another parent.
  • A child may wish to spend more time with a non-custodial parent.
  • A custodial parent may be abusing or neglecting a child.
  • A non-custodial parent’s employment has changed.

If these or similar situations apply, my law firm can help you file a petition for a child support modification.

How Can a Child Support Lawyer Help You with Your Case?

Currently, you may have an amicable arrangement with your spouse without going through the courts. The current arrangement may work out fine until you or the other party wants to change the deal. If so, you may encounter some potential problems that you cannot work out legally.

Allegheny Attorneys at Law can help you prevent these problems by establishing a binding legal arrangement that the other party cannot alter without going through the courts. I can represent you to ensure that your ex-spouse does not impose an unfair condition or take advantage of you.

My law firm can manage your entire case, handle all of the paperwork, gather documents and evidence, petition the court, and negotiate with the other party on your behalf. I can also represent you in court when you attend a hearing. We advocate for you and fight for a fair settlement that protects your children without harming you.

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