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If you own or operate a business, you likely already know the importance of commercial real estate. From storefronts and company office space to manufacturing facilities or warehouses and distribution centers, the commercial real estate landscape involves heavy financial investment and important (and sometimes high-stakes) decisions. 

According to data compiled and published by the statistical aggregation website, the construction of commercial real estate in the United States was worth a total of $115 billion in 2022. With so much money going into commercial real estate — and more money being paid to purchase or lease such property — you need to know your rights and what to expect. You also need to know the importance of working with an experienced commercial real estate attorney. 

If you are located in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, or anywhere throughout Allegheny County (including Butler, Westmoreland, Beaver, Armstrong, and Washington), and are looking for guidance regarding commercial real estate, contact me — Marc V. Taiani, Esquire and Allegheny Attorneys at Law, P.C. — to schedule a consultation. 

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What Is Considered “Commercial Real Estate?”

In simple terms, commercial real estate is any real estate property that is used strictly for business use. This can include brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants, industrial sites for manufacturing or distribution, or simply, office space for your company. Commercial real estate can even include residential properties (such as apartment buildings) if the property is used to generate revenue for the owner. 

Laws That Can Apply to Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate law combines a wide range of different legal matters related to business properties, including: 

  • Disclosure Laws — Related to required disclosures about property during transactions. 

  • Zoning Laws — Regarding restrictions on business being conducted in residential areas. 

  • Landlord/Tenant Laws — If the commercial real estate in question is an apartment complex or a rental home, the owner must comply with all applicable landlord/tenant laws. 

  • Insurance Laws — Obviously, insurance coverage requirements for commercial real estate differ from the type of coverage that applies to individuals or residential property. 

  • Contract Laws — From the purchase or lease agreements from the transaction to acquiring commercial property for use to any other contractual agreements necessary for the operation of your business at a certain property, contact laws play a significant role. 

With so many different aspects of the law incorporated into commercial real estate, it’s easy to see why it is so beneficial to trust your commercial real estate matters to a knowledgeable attorney. 

Common Pitfalls in Commercial Real Estate

When it comes to commercial property, many different issues can potentially arise, such as: 

  • Zoning issues 

  • Environmental violations 

  • Rental/Leasing market fluctuations 

  • Liens or other debt-related disputes 

  • Issues related to the deed or other documentation 

If legal problems arise regarding any of the issues listed above (or any other dispute), it can lead to lengthy and financially draining problems. 

How a Real Estate Attorney Can Help

By turning to an experienced commercial real estate attorney, you can work to avoid as many of the common obstacles that present themselves in commercial real estate transactions. Your attorney can help you assess your business needs, determine the best course of action, and provide the legal counsel and guidance you need to make informed decisions throughout the process.

Commercial Real Estate Attorney Serving Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Purchasing or leasing commercial real estate is a major decision, involving a significant financial investment. Rather than leaving the future of your business up to chance, work with a knowledgeable commercial real estate attorney. If you are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or the surrounding Allegheny County areas of Washington, Armstrong, Beaver, Westmoreland, or Butler, reach out to me — Marc V. Taiani, Esquire and Allegheny Attorneys at Law, P.C. — for legal guidance.