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Contractor Problems

Every year in Pennsylvania, individuals and businesses undertake countless home improvement and construction projects.  These projects almost always involve hiring one or several contractors to complete some portion of the job.  While many contractors are highly skilled professionals and competent businesspeople, others may be poorly trained, inexperienced or unscrupulous.  If you find yourself dealing with the latter, you may quickly end up in a contract dispute over thousands of your hard-earned dollars.

Fortunately, there is help.  The attorneys at AAAL – Allegheny Attorneys At Law, P.C. are experienced in contractor litigation and have represented both sides in these types of disputes.  Our office will aggressively pursue every option to resolve your case in an efficient manner and seek any and all damages to which you are entitled.  Contact Allegheny Attorneys today to set up a free phone consultation at (412) 963-8495.

An additional resource for dealing with contractor problems and other consumer protection related matters is the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General Bureau of Consumer Protection.  This office may pursue civil prosecution for contractor-related fraud claims.  For more information on how to ensure that the Office of Attorney General is working for you, contact Allegheny Attorneys at Law.  Below is a list of helpful hints from the Attorney General’s office regarding contractor-related problems.

Mechanics’ Liens

“A mechanics’ lien is a lien created by law for the purpose of securing priority of payment for work performed or materials furnished in erecting or repairing a building or other improvement upon the land.”  32 P.L.E., MECHANICS’ LIENS.  The right to a mechanics’ lien arises from a debt contracted for the furnishing of labor or materials.  This type of lien is intended to protect labor and materials that a contractor invests in the real property of another by allowing that contractor to obtain a lien on the underlying realty.  The lien proceeding itself is not for the purpose of settling the contractual obligations of the parties.  Subsequently, proceedings for its enforcement must be brought, and the remedy sought therein does not preclude other available remedies.

If you have been threatened with a mechanics’ lien, or are a contractor who needs to protect your interests on a job, Allegheny Attorneys can help.  Contact our office at (412) 426-3321.